Thursday, 23 July 2009


Free Bandslam Guitar (New One)

There Is A New Free Bandslam Guitar

Here’s How To Get It:

1. Go To

2. Type In

3. Log In

4. Go To Normal

5. U Got It

here is the link to the picture of the guitar

first of all my name is Aira and on stardoll my username is airaststar
please visit me if you can.

so first I don't have much info for this week about stardoll ok couse I don't really know what to write -.-

I'll try to do my best

I'll try to do some comps later on :)

Another Pick of the day

first it was alians then a poster now necklas wats next a house lol hehe XD :D stardoll is giving us lots of free stuff this week hmmm I wonder why hmmmm -.- lol

Stardoll are giving away loads of free pick of the day stuffthes week aint they? well, first the aliens and now a ashley tisdale poster! Just click on the pick of the day on the home menu and it will transport you back to your suite.

if you dont live in the us/uk follow these instructions

1) Go to

2) type in in the URL bar

3) Log in too your account

4) click on the pick of the day, (the word if you cant see the poster) it will take you to your suit then go to your original stardoll and go to your suit the poster should be in your suit by the mirror :)

Free House, Bowl & Dog

Free Virtual Puppy Game Promo Stuff !

free dog House:

1. Go to:

2. In the browser type:[Write Here Your UserID]

3] SignUp

4. Go to: and open your gift!

free dog Bowl:

1. Change your Proxy to port 80

2. Go to:

3. Join Club

4. Go to: and open your gift!

free Dog:

1. Go to:[Write Here Your UserID]

2. Download the game

3. Go to:

4. Open your gift!

The hotel for dogs, dogs are back

and you can choose another dog if you were a

stardoll member when the hotel for dogs competition

was on stardoll if your weren't

stardoll then this is your first dog :)

1. Go to:

2. In the browser write:

3. Log in

4. Pick a dog

Did you get the hannah montana free flowered top with the guitar and stuff or watevar it is and the belt if you haven't got it yet then join the hannah montana club and click were it says visit the site if you can't find it then try visiting my suit and joining it from my clubs my username is AiraSTstar

if it says that the club isn't availible then follow these steps:

1. go to

2. type in

in the websearch thing :)

and click enter

4. join the club good luck and then click the pink botton that says visit the site and then go to your suit and you will have the hannah montana belt and the top in a gift box :)

Have you seen the new elle ?



I like the new elle but i liked the older ones better they were nicer how about you do you like the new elle or did you like the older ones? some of the new elle clothes I do like but not all of them :)

guys have you seen this ?

Violie Archive ? WTH O.o lol

still no miss sixty weard anybody know when its coming out or did i miss it lol hehe tell me people did I miss it or is it still not out ?

Free Dresses if you still haven't got them :)

Fallen Angel Black Lace S-S Dress Belt Front Halter-Neck Dress Stardoll Dress Volie Tube Evening Dress

fallen angel:

green voile:,,

pretty in pink:

stardoll dress:

note: these dresses are for non-superstars and for superstars yay hehe :) lol if the links don't work the ones I gave you then just click on the pictures of the dress you want you can only pick one though ;(

Orange Crush: (Orange)

October Night: (Green)

Rose Antique: (Pink)

note: the dresses are only for superstars sorry ;(

I know I didn't put much stuff on my blog yet I'll try to get more stuff when I get used to how to use the blog thing :D


sorry :)